The main objective of the QUALITY POLICY of P.P.H. INSTAL-ART, Registered General Partnership as the manufacturer of brass fittings and brass pieces manufactured to the individual orders of our Customers is to strive after providing the highest possible quality and competitiveness of the offered products, on the level guarantying tha they meet our Customers’ requirements and expectations.

This objective is defined by the motto:


Our objective is being achieved by:

1. Full serving our customers regarding products and services, and always on time.

2. Permanent improvement of the quality of our wares using the most modern technologies.

3. Permanent development of the production process and work methods.

4. Putting high quality requirements to our suppliers.

5. Regular observance of the highest work safety and occupational hygiene and reducing to the minimum an encroachment on the environment.

6. Systematic improvement of our employees’ skills and qualifications.

Our Board of Directors and all employees guarantee that the enforcements of that Quality Policy along with the objectives referred to above is well known, understood, and observed.